Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farewell to a Friend and Porcine Cosmetics?

Today, I discovered the bittersweet news that Madame's spokesperson, Meg "the enforcer" Stapleton has resigned so that she will be able to spend more time with her family. Oh the memories working on Madame's book (See page 399-400 of Going Rogue). In honor of Meg's departure, I've posted my favorite clip of her. She was on the Communist News Network talking about Madame's resignation, and she uses a sports analogy. Poor liberals! They don't understand sports analogies. They probably are confused when I call them softy southpaws! "Why would she use a soccer term?", they think. Have fun with your family, Meg; you will be missed.

Late this afternoon, we posted a note on Facebook excoriating the Great Opologizer's health care "plan". It's the same as the Senate bill, but it's more expensive. Madame doesn't like red font ...I mean ink! She even compared to putting "perfume on a pig", meaning it stinks big time. She called out the President on the cost, constitutionality,artificial caps on insurance, and feigned bipartisan of the president. However, such ridiculous legislation doesn't pass the smell test, and the ballot box is going to stink for the Democrats in November!

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