Saturday, February 13, 2010


We put together a nice post today recognizing the Alaskans who would be participating in the 2010 Olympics which began on Friday with the opening ceremonies. You know Madame would be proud of such accomplished Alaskan athletes.

I have to say that the moose stocking caps that Team USA wore at the opening ceremonies today were a nice touch! I wonder if they make them in my size.

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anniecollier said...

LOTUS, you probably already know about this (maybe not with all your hard work for and dedication to Madame)but I thought you'd like to know that there's a musical in the works for The Great Opologizer called "President Me" case your other posters are interested...

PS I heard Madame on a Happy Birthday to her from a couple of her Alaskan radio host fans and it was so great. Madame is always herself (why would she want to be anyone else?) and so straight forward. It was a pleasure to hear her unrehearsed give and take with them...both who obviously have known her for some time.