Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah Says watch MSNBC?

After Madame spent hours and hours watching the Obamacare, she had to unwind by watching her favorite hockey girls. She and BOTUS tweeted this:

Drag away from Obamacare mtg today2cheer Red,White&Blue:USA Women's Hockey w/AK's own#23 Weiland play Canada for Gold.Huge contest.Go U-S-A!

The only thing is that the hockey game was broadcast on MSNBC. Madame tweeting that probably greatly increased their viewership! The girls fought hard, but they unfortunately lost to the Canadians.

Madame spoke about the health care summit on Hannity's show tonight, speaking about the fact that the Great Opologizer didn't talk about the price controls and reconciliation that were likely to happen with regards to this plan. She also discussed the conservative plans that Republicans have. My assessment? I posted a JPEG below depicting the most productive thing that the President did at the health care summit--he went digging for gold.


anniecollier said...

OH, Dear. He is vulgar isn't he? What no hanky? I don't think you'd have seen JFK in this predicament! I guess we can really lay that myth to rest once and for all and give it the Deep 6. LOTUS, please! No more icks on an otherwise Fabulous Friday!

anniecollier said...

Forgot to mention that I'm glad that at least he's not giving the audience what we in Monterey call "The Rahm Emanuel Howdy" as he did to Hillary in the campaign. He and Little Harry Reid must have carpal tunnel from overuse of their middle digit.