Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary "Stimulus"!

Madame is so good at remembering dates. If you look through our posts, you can see that we've written posts about Margaret Thatcher's birthday, Hanukkah, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Christmas, etc. So it shouldn't have as a surprise that Madame remembered the "stimulus" anniversary. I feel so bad though because I didn't get the bill a gift! Apparently, the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper. Well me and my good buddy, POTAK (printer of Alaska) could have sent the bill reams of paper. However, essentially that's all the "stimulus" bill is--reams of paper. It didn't really do anything. As Madame points out in her post, there's still higher than promised unemployment; money for "green" jobs went to China; money went to non-existent congressional districts, etc. Yeah, so how's that "hopey changey stuff workin' out for ya"?

Rather than get bogged down by the inefficiency of this bill, Madame decided to do something positive and endorse someone to help drain the "swamp of D.C." so she called for common sense conservatives to send money to help Sean Duffy, a candidate for Congress in Wisconsin! What's the kicker? Duffy's opponent, Congressman Obey, is one of the authors of the "stimulus" bill! Madame has impeccable timing!

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