Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joke's on You, Liberals!

Well, well, well. It appears that some of the Softy Southpaws are a little late to the party and think they are so funny, trying to mock Madame by writing on their hands. Yes, I'm talking to you, Gibbsy and Angria Mitchell! Well, I've decided to respond to the libs with some palm writing of my own as you can see above! You see, as I pointed out in the last post, Madame was a step ahead of the liberals when she campaigned with Governor Perry on Sunday. The joke's on you, liberals!

Even yesterday, when Madame spoke twice at a logging convention in California, she was ahead of the liberals when she wrote, "loggers rock" on her hand. Madame is very appreciative of the logging industry, and they are very appreciative of her as well. Do you know how many trees had to be cut in order to produce all of the paper for the millions of books Madame has sold?

It was a busy day yesterday. We started off in Texas where Madame spoke at a "Get Motivated" event before we headed to California for the logging speeches. We even took a little time to offer condolences to Congressman Murtha's family in his passing. Madame is certainly classy.

It was quite a busy weekend; time for me to slip into hibernation mode! I do want your opinion though. Madame's birthday is on Thursday. I have e-bay, amazon, and a slew of other sites bookmarked. What should I get her?


Recovered Democrat said...

Well, Whitney, since you are the running type, you could always get her pair of running socks, but it would be great to get her socks that said: "Run, Sarah, Run! :)

anniecollier said...

Madame is an Aquarian! As was my late mother, now in Heaven (Hi Mom). Maybe it truly is The Age of Aquarius! I hope so because we sure could use some enlightenment about now...glad Madame is happy to share hers with us.