Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah's a Natural in the Natural State!

I start today's post with some saddening news about Fox's show, the Family Guy, a name not at all representative of the message it disseminates. In a recent episode, the show very cruelly made fun of people with special needs. Madame used Facebook to actually let Bristol respond to this show late last night. Well done, Bristol! You make Madame and me both quite proud!

Madame also talked about the Facebook post on Bill O'Ego's show that aired tonight. She even rendered O'Ego speechless, which rarely, if ever, happens.

We were in Arkansas tonight at a GOP fundraiser. Madame spoke to a crowd of thousands in Little Rock. I was really hoping to get to meet Aw Shuckabee's bass guitar, but sadly he was not there. I seem to think sometimes that Aw Shucksabee is jealous of Madame. I will say that it made for a lonely evening, but Madame's speech was great. The Arkansas GOP gave Madame a rifle, just like they once gave President Lincoln; their birthdays just so happen to be one day apart you know.

We don't have anymore plans this week that I know of , but the First Dude races in the Iron Dog this weekend! Go First Dude!

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