Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tea Part-ay!

I knew it was coming. When the Great Opologizer released his budget yesterday, you knew Madame would have to respond. I mean, I have to convert the budget numbers into scientific notation just so I don't go crazy! Madame even started it out calling out the inefficiency and waste of FLOTUS's childhood obesity initiative:
The White House recently announced its pricey Childhood Obesity Initiative to tell us what we should feed our kids. Helpful I’m sure – but most Americans would rather see government focus on other important areas right now. We know what our kids should eat: more healthy food, less junk food.

Ouch,Madame. I think that made FLOTUS choke on her arugula.

Madame also spent a great deal of time calling out the spending, increased federal payroll, and the increased debt of the budget. You all know how Madame doesn't like debt. She won't even let me use a red font because of this!

We also posted on Facebook about Madame's Tea Party Convention op-ed discussing why she is speaking at this event. Madame may share her mind on Facebook, but she shared her heart with this op-ed. Read it! It didn't hurt that she gave a shout out to our work on Facebook and Twitter, too. It looks like will be checking out a few tea par-tays in the near future too!

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anniecollier said...

i can't wait to hear Madame's speech at the Tea Party in Nashville...and beyond. So glad she's going to Nevada after that. I'm sure Nevadan's will be overjoyed to hear a patriot speaking about their state. Vote Harry out, Nevada, and all will be forgiven...for ever electing him in the first place. Now if we can only find a bit of forgiveness for California...we have a lot to answer for...Pelousy, Feinstein and Ma'm.