Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where's the energy, TOTUS?

Madame wonders what's the
Great Opologizer's Energy Plan?

Today, Madame posted two notes on Facebook. The first one asked what the Great Opologizer's plan on energy is? She spoke about the President's lack of an good energy policy is "one aspect of the president’s problem". Yep, just one of the President's problems! Madame also linked this article!I know, shocker! The Perky One probably still thinks she doesn't read! Madame also challenged the President to discuss his energy plans in his State of the Union address on Monday. Madame is an instigator, isn't she? If the President responds directly to this invitation, then it shows that Madame is in his head. If he doesn't respond, it may just further solidify Madame's charge that he has no energy plan. Yep, the President's between Barack and a hard place!

The other post was a congrats to the Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization that connects special needs kids with teenage volunteers. Congrats to them on on winning the Chase Community Giving award!

I cannot end today's post without sharing some sympathy for TOTUS. You see, the President used TOTUS to speak to 6th graders last week! TOTUS is so embarrassed that his boss could speak to 6th graders without his help, and this is being displayed proudly on the White House website. Poor TOTUS!

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