Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oops, I forgot to play TV Guide

Oh my! I forgot to update y'all (I'm practicing for when we go to Texas next month) about two TV programs that were on yesterday. Madame posted about these on Facebook. I hope you will accept my apology, but if not, I'm willing to go on apology tour to apology to you all personally. TOTUS told me how such a tour is done.

First, Madame and Bristol went on Okra's show to talk about Madame's new gig, and Bristol spoke about her pledge to wait to have sex again until she got married. Despite Okra's pushiness, rudeness, and complete shock, Bristol stood her ground and Madame was a good mama grizzly.

Madame also posted about Uncle Glenn's show that was supposed to be a real eye opener.

We even posted a nice educational video about the economic principle of moral hazard.

I feel I should add another jpeg comparison as part of this post. Madame's hairstyle on Okra's show yesterday was quite similar to Piper's hair on Babs Walters' show during the book tour.

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thirtynine said...

Apologize? Are you kidding? As busy as you've been lately? Nah- don't worry about it.. we've got yer back...

Poor Okra.. just because she is probably addicted doesn't mean everyone is, huh?