Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CBS, Don't Punt the Pro-Life Message!

Madame posted another good note today about the double standard that "women's rights" groups have. They are rightfully protesting advertisements that demean and objectify women, but at the same time, they are not happy with the pro-life ad that football player Tim Tebow is appearing in during the Super Bowl. I had to remind Madame that if it weren't for double standard, some softy southpaws wouldn't have standards!

Madame challenged CBS not to cave to the women's rights groups. Between the Perky One, the Pervy One, and the stupid bus tour story, Madame isn't very happy with what CBS has done. I hope that CBS does the right thing with this one. Last year, when NBC broadcast the SuperBowl, they gave in and chose not to show the following powerful pro-life ad:

P.S. My press secretary wanted me to share with you that she is very excited because she got tickets today to see Madame speak in Illinois in April!

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