Thursday, January 7, 2010

Madame Puts Principles over Politics Again

Meg "the Enforcer" Stapleton came out today and shared that Madame wasn't going to attend Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) saying, "we support those who advance our core beliefs and lead by principle". Well, some of things CPAC has done doesn't align with what Madame stands for. They once engaged in a pay-to-play type of scheme in sponsorship. No good.

However, Madame has decided to go rogue in the Bayou. She will be speaking at the Southern Republican Leadership Convention in April. Mittens Pomade, Aw Schucksabee, and the Minnesota Mullet will be there too. Boring! It's a good thing for Madame that we will not be going during Mardi Gras. Things would get crazy with the LOTUS on the loose in the Big Easy during Mardi Gras!


thirtynine said...

I'll bet things would get crazy when you let your hair...wait, you don't have hair. When you let your top... no.. that's not good either. . .. LOTUS, just what would you use to show yourself going crazy at Mardi Gras?

I'm thinking it's a very good thing you won't be there during Mardi Gras. Imagine what might happen to your enter key!

anniecollier said...

Somehow, LOTUS, I think Madame could hold you in check...even if she had to leave you in your book pack. Good to have an owner like Madame to keep you on the straight and narrow and out of trouble in a place like Sin CityII.