Friday, January 15, 2010

Sarah's Excellent, Intelligent Union Boss Takedown

As has become custom recently, BOTUS sounded a warning bell to the softy southpaws about another Facebook missile to be launched Madame. She used a bit more informal tone in this post, using words like "doozy" and "boondoggle". Madame hit right at the heart of blue collar America, by supporting union members who may not be on the same page as their bosses when it comes to health care reform. After all, Madame knows all about unions as the First Dude was a union member!

She discussed how it wasn't right for taxes on union Cadillac health care plans to be delayed until 2018 and how it wasn't right for Nebraska to get a special Medicaid deal!

For Madame, it isn't about right or left; it's about right and wrong too! This is just wrong. The back room deals that are going on are wrong! It seems that Obama has control off all of random arrangements of the alphabet MSNBC, CBS, AFSCME, ACORN,SEIU etc. Well, I'd like to re-work one of them for you:

Union Boss Takedown

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