Friday, January 29, 2010

Not RETREATing, Reloading!

While Madame was not at the GOP retreat today, she did offer a new post to answer the President's call to suggest other ideas for health care reform. Madame was happy to take up the offer. She wasn't retreating like other GOPers, she was reloading!

And, boy did she unload on our other post tonight! She called out the Opologizer administration for their blundering decision to try terrorists in New York which they are now trying to reverse. However, Madame recognized their facade! They are trying to create a "crisis" so they can propose a radical solution. In fact, Madame stated a few examples of the policies that the President is trying to enact or " we're all going to die!". Yep, in a sense it was another "death panel" post.

Madame, as always, calls it like she sees it! While the Obama administration calls terrorism "man caused disasters", Madame calls terrorists " dangerous haters-of-America", and she called for the terrorists to be tried in a military tribunal!


thirtynine said...

Busy week for you, huh, LOTUS?

You kept up nicely, always looked sharp on your tv appearances and helped Madame "tell it like it is."

Good job. Hope you enjoy some free time this weekend.

anniecollier said...

Oh Bravo, Madame!

She's on to their manipulative patterns. Before we know it, she will have them backing up as far as Gitmo and military tribunals. Continue your advance, Madame. We've got your back.