Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bachmann-Palin Overdrive!

Today Madame announced that she is going to campaign for commonsense candidates! These candidates include none other than Senator McAnonymous. Now, I've ventured over to Madame's Facebook page, and some people seem a little upset that Madame will be supporting McCain. I understand that he can be a RINO a lot of the time, but he was rogue enough to pick Madame for his VP candidate! That shows he does have a great deal of smarts! Plus, he's shown a lot more fire in his belly as of late regarding the health care bill and trying terrorists on American soil!

Madame will also be campaigning for Texas Governor Rick Perry and my second favorite Madame, Michele Bachmann! Just think of what will happen to the softy southpaws when those two women are campaigning together!

Madame used the plural versions of Governor, Congressman, and Senator. I wonder who else she'll be supporting. At least we'll have some variety on the trail: Texas, Minnesota, and Arizona!


thirtynine said...

You'll love Texas in February, LOTUS.. at least usually... what with all this global warming, I can't promise anything.. could be snowing outside..

anniecollier said...

Madame X 2! WoW! What a ticket that would make! LOTUS, didn't we once have a YouTube of liberal heads exploding here? Or was that on another site? Nevertheless, I think it would be appropriate to have it available for a nice visual while you and Madame are touring. I think it would be so appreciated by We The People.

anniecollier said...

Oh, Dear LOTUS! SORRY about that. I didn't watch the video first. Hadn't remembered that it began with that lovely picture of Madame. Indeed, that's the one I remember...a few brain cells remain!