Saturday, January 9, 2010

Upcoming Travels for Madame and the LOTUS

Madame is going to be doing some more traveling and speaking over the next few months. She's added a few more events on BOTUS's calendar. I thought I should share some of these with you all.

Madame will be speaking at a Tea Party event in Nashville in February. Oh, you know how I love parties! I wonder if Madame will let me check out some of the country music sights while she is there. Madame's downloaded a lot of country music on my hard drive, and I've grown to love it.

We will be headed to the Ohio Right to Life event in March. The pro-life issue is one of Madame's favorite issues to speak about.

Madame will be speaking at a Christian women's event in Kentucky in April. If you've read Going Rogue, you know that Madame loves the Big JC!

I'm ready to go and rack up those frequent flyer miles!


thirtynine said...

Getting to travel with Madame and BOTUS must be the highlight of your entertainment budget! I'm so glad you guys get to see all the neatest places in the United States! I'll be watching for each and every report from you and BOTUS! And, of course, from Madame45.

anniecollier said...

Yes, I look forward to your travel reports, LOTUS.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I finally purchased "Going Rogue"...sidetracked with Christmas and all. I want to tell you how much I am enjoying it. I know a lot about Madame but hearing her story about the beginnings of her family life and how she has developed as a woman, wife and mother is extremely endearing and full of warmth. It's so obvious that Madame owns all of her victories legitimately and doesn't go blaming anyone else for failures. Inspiring and I can't put it down.

anniecollier said...

Still can't put down "Going Rogue". Sarah rocks! Was up to 2am reading and up again at 7am to continue...she's now Governor and I can see the section about "Sarah, The Giant Corruption Slayer" is going to be great fun!