Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alaska!

Well, since it is the new year I thought I get a makeover! One of my press secretary's friends, Karen Allen, made me a beautiful new banner that I decided to upload for the new year! You all know I have a little bit of a struggle with vanity, so I was thrilled that Karen included 8 pictures of me on the banner! I still can't seem to have the servant's heart that Madame does. Sigh. The banner also includes some awesome American flag, Facebook, US Capitol building, Northern Lights, and Ronald Reagan (Madame's favorite President) wallpaper! You see, I'm well dressed! Karen also included the wonderful moose and a picture of Madame with my favorite little boy, Trig. This picture was taken while Madame was wearing THE hat. The banner also includes forget-me-nots, Alaska's state flower.

Speaking of Alaska, today is Alaska's 51st birthday! She became a state on January 3rd, 1959! Happy birthday to the Last Frontier!


thirtynine said...

I love your new page banner, LOTUS. And how could you not be vain? After all, you work for the best President we will ever have in this country (starting in 2012, that is), you get to watch precious baby Trig as he runs around the house, you are truly a beautiful MAC working with a beautiful lady... don't worry, LOTUS.. we all understand completely!

anniecollier said...

Ditto, thirtynine.