Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Debut!

From Adoring Palin

Short post tonight, folks! Madame debuted on BOR's show tonight. Check it out. Madame has let me, the LOTUS Apple, loose in the Big Apple to go site seeing. It's been quite fun.

Madame will be on Glenn Beck's show tomorrow. Be ready!

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anniecollier said...

Thank you Lotus! I missed the interview but knew I'd be able to catch up later.

I read that Stevie S. had said that Madame was initially having a problem prepping (dumping a 5 ft high stack of documents in front of her and telling her to digest it?) for the Joey debate but as soon as he changed the methodology of how the information was being given to her (Q&A?), she aced it. The Mean Stream Media love to tell half of the story don't they? We're wise to that and simply zone out whenever we're unlucky enough to come across them. Still reading "Going Rogue" whenever I get a few minutes. I recently read a comment about the Softy Southpaws: "Left Wing Radicals are smart but they're not intelligent." There's a big difference. Fortunately, Madame is smart and intelligent and she uses it with her common sense.