Saturday, January 2, 2010

A JPEG is Worth a Thousand Words Part IV

I've spent sometime surfing around google images today, and I've found some more JPEGs comparing Madame 45 and the Great Opologizer.

Madame on Vacation in Hawaii

The Great Opologizer vacationing in Hawaii

Madame's hand gesture, saying
"I love you"
in sign language

The Great Opologizer's hand gesture...
um..well...maybe's he's just showing
us how many terms he will have

Madame's book that has been on top of the
New York Slimes' best seller list for 6 straight weeks!

The Great Opologizer's book that has been on top of the
New York Slimes' best seller list for six straight weeks. Oops!

Also, as today is 01/02/2010, I'd like to wish you all happy PALINdrome day! Interestingly, "palin" means again in Greek. Check out this prescient piece from prior to John McAnonymous picking Madame to run for Vice-President.


thirtynine said...

You did it again, LOTUS! You provided the perfect comparison to Madame and um.. whatzizname. Especially the best seller part!

anniecollier said...

Great post LOTUS! Yes, 0zer0 can't compare to Madame. Love the picture with Trig!

Love That Lady said...

Thank you for the great pic's.
Trig is such a sweetheart.
"I Love You" in sign language speaks volumes.
#1 Going Rogue was inevitable. :)
Blessings, Irma

Crazy Baby said...

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