Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Can High Heels Leave Such a Big Footprint?

An article written for a Florida newspaper talks about the "online footprint" that Madame has made. My favorite website , Conservatives4Palin, covers this story more here. The article's author talks about how Madame can speak directly to her supporters via online means such as Facebook. Her supporters can also converse with each other via online means as well. Some may call this grassroots support. However, I'd like to Alaskanize the term "grassroots" and call it "tundraroots support". Let's take a look at some of the components of Madame's online footprint, shall we:
  • Her Facebook page currently has 856, 755 supporters.
  • Her Twitter page from when she was governor has 143, 980 followers.
  • Team Sarah has 73,591 members.
  • Conservatives4Palin has had nearly 1.8 million visitors since January.
  • There are also dozens of other blogs out there in support of Madame.

Web 2.o technology (via Me!!!) has allowed Madame to connect with a lot of people and get her message out by bypassing traditional "journalism" (I have to put it in quotes because I don' t think real journalism exists too much anymore). Her ability to connect with Americans using alternative means is just one of the many similarities between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan. (Remember too, I had family who worked in the Reagan administration so I know about their similarities) In fact, in addition to calling Sarah Palin, Madame 45, I call her Reagan 2.0 as she is technologically and ideologically the 2.0 version of Ronald Reagan. In 1961, Ronald Reagan used a radio address to speak out against socialized medicine:

Madame, in 2009, has used Facebook to speak out against socialized medicine. The similarities between President Reagan and Madame are quite numerous.

There is one similarity between President Reagan and Madame that I, along with many of you, I'm sure, particularly want to see come to fruition. History does repeat itself!


Anonymous said...

I love the pic LOTUS! LOL!
It helps with the web because so many teens (moi included) are learning to use Facebook and Twitter. She reaches out to everyone this way!

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