Friday, September 4, 2009

Vice President Hair Plugs!

Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden, or as I like to call him, Vice President Hair Plugs, declared that he was, in a way, acting as President while the Great Opologizer was on vacation. He even took the time to say that he tried to call Madame when she was governor, but they hadn't ever connect.

Now, I met Hair Plugs after Madame beat him in the VP debate last October. Hair Plugs seems like a nice enough guy, but sometimes his hard drive seems to be a few gigabytes shy of fully functional. God love him, though.

Case in point, another thing that he said yesterday was that the stimulus package was working better than was expected. If that is the case, why did unemployment reach 9.7% in August, the highest level in 26 years? Say it ain't so, Joe! If the stimulus is working, why aren't the American people working? Isn't it about that 3 character word-J-O-B-S? No, that isn't a typo, Hair Plugs thinks it's a 3 letter word, but what do you expect from someone who thinks the government needs to spend money prevent bankruptcy? Gee, and people were so worried what would happen if Madame had become Vice President.

One of my favorite moments that I got to witness when I was traveling with Madame on the campaign trail was when she sarcastically (I love her sarcasm!) took on Hair Plugs the Gaffer:


Nancy said...

Thank you for this fantastic clip! 2012 can't come soon enough. I love her sarcasm too!
She is going to make one of our greatest presidents someday. Please, God, your will be done.

Keep up the good work, LOTUS.:)

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? I didn't see a teleprompter. How in the world could this unqualified woman make a speech without a teleprompter? Boggles the mind...

Linda Z said...

teleprompter? She don need no stinkin teleprompter - she got LOTUS woo hoo