Monday, September 14, 2009

Night at the (Palin Presidential) Museum

Last night, Madame made some moose meat burritos for the family for dinner. The aroma wafted over to me. I'm sure it smelled great, but I don't have a nose. Later that night, when Madame put me into hibernation mode, I had a dream:
Suddenly, I was in a large museum. I looked down, and I had a name badge attached to me. It read LOTUS, museum curator. What was going on? I stepped outside the building, and I saw the sign, " Sarah Palin Presidential Library and Museum". est. 2021. Oh, I thought, I was in the future, after Madame had completed her presidency. I came back in the building and saw a large replica of the White House with life-sized figures of the Palin family. People were standing in line to get a picture with the family. The museum had several wings, so I decided to check them out. I began with the library. There were several sections. One section contained all of the bills and budgets that Madame had signed as President. I began to look through these documents. All of her budgets were efficient and modest, just as they were when she was governor. She had cut the United States deficit from 14 digits to 13 digits while in office. I noticed that there were two documents labeled her cornerstone pieces of legislation. One of these was the Medicare Reform bill of 2014. The second piece of legislation was the Declaration of Energy Independence Act of 2015. This act declared that America would be completely energy independent by the year 2030. This would be easier to achieve as ANWR was opened for drilling in 2015.

I next went to the gallery wing that was full of photos and artifacts. The first photo I saw was of Madame's inauguration in January of 2013. The caption stated that there were more than 5 million people in attendance in Washington D.C. that day and that the applause from her amazing speech could be heard as far away in Baltimore. The second photo was Madame giving one of her first speeches in the Rose Garden.

This wing of the museum also proudly displayed one of First Dude's Iron Dog snowmachines and Track's army uniform. Some of Trig's artwork was displayed as well. One of the display cases held two books: Madame's well-worn Bible and a copy of her book. The description simply read, "The two best-selling books of all time". There was a display that included some of Madame's 2012 and 2016 campaign memorabilia.

A special display section entitled, "LOTUS v. TOTUS" displayed all of Madame's Facebook posts. The "death panel" post was prominently displayed. That was what started it all, I thought.

I walked quickly through some of the multimedia sections of the museum. There was an IMAX theater where the Palin family took visitors on a 15 minute aerial tour of Alaska. There was also an interactive display where visitors could give a speech using the TOTUS. TOTUS had informed me that I had offered him a job when the museum opened.

I continued to walk through the museum and saw numerous pictures of Madame meeting with world leaders as well as with her member of her Cabinet and leaders of Congress, including a picture with Chief of Staff Michele Bachmann and Secretary of State Liz Cheney and a picture with Senate Majority Leader Marco Rubio.

Wow, I thought, this is amazing. Madame certainly had an amazing presidency! I shouldn't be surprised.

I was jerked out of hibernation mode by Madame this morning. I guess it really was just a dream (but perhaps a dream to come true in the future). I guess that is what happens when you get a whiff of Alaskan-Mexican fusion food.

(H/T to Lipstick at C4P for the idea for this post)


KentonAK said...

What a beautiful dream LOTUS!

(Hope there's a dream sequence sequel)

*I've had moose burritos but prefer moose chili more.

********PALIN'S MOOSE CHILI********
(From The Valley Republican Women's Club fund-raiser recipe book)

"Brown about 2lbs of moose meat (any type of burger will work)
-Add chopped onion
-Add two envelopes of chili seasoning
-1 lrg can tomato sauce
("I have used capsup before and its good too)
-Simmer at least 30 minutes
-Add 4 cans of kidney beans

"My Dad likes hominy so he gets a can of it in his portion when he has dinner with us." -Sarah Palin

Meadow said...

From your keyboard to God's ear, LOTUS!

Nancy said...

I pray your dream is prophetic!

I'm not sure if you saw it, but over on C4P, I wrote a blog idea for LOTUS. It's on the Not the Headling Obama wanted thread. Just a heads up. Thanks! Love LOTUS!:)

Rattlesnake said...


I wish I could have dreams like yours. Instead I have embarrassing weird-ass dreams.

Are you looking forward to working with TOTUS? He's a smart machine, although he doesn't mind working with corrupt people.

Word verification: broom. Used for sweeping the commies out of the Whitehouse.

Ron Devito said...

I just got finished reading this and I can't stop blubbering -- tears of joy.

This is one blog I read every day without fail...and you are one colleague I refer to often in my own entries.

I really feel like Sarah Palin is speaking through you when I read your material.

Keep it coming. ;-)

Sapwolf said...

Madame, Michelle, and Liz.....

The 5CubClub!!!!

Lipstick said...

I love the post!!!!

My favorite part is Madame's well worn Bible. The main reason I support Sarah Palin is her open, unashamed witness of her Christian faith.

The IMAX aerial Alaska tour is great. So many great ideas. I know Sarah's Presidential library will be fun and different and will finally allow me to go to Alaska, I will have to go there to see it!!!

brad essex said...

Well you forgot john bolton as sec. of defence you don't forget the stach. Plus tammy bruce as speechwriter and megyn kelly as press sec.