Monday, September 28, 2009

Going Rogue November 17th!

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It has been so hard storing all of this information and excitement on my hard drive without uploading it so that you all can read it. However, I now can share just a bit about Madame's book. Going Rogue: An American Life is the title of her 400 page book! You see, Madame made her book just the right length. You could read her book three times (which you will want to do), or you can read the 1200 page cap-and-tax bill. Hmm, I wonder which would be more constructive, interesting, and enlightening?

We spent some time in San Diego working on the book late this summer with Lynn Vincent, Madame's collaborator, who knows a thing or two about helping to write a best seller.I have a feeling that Madame's book will be a free enterprise based, unintentional bailout for the paper, book binding, ink, and bookstore industries. I hope that Amazon doesn't crash because so many people are buying her book!

I don't know if I should share this, but TOTUS told me that the Great Opologizer is planning to write his third book with a similar title to Madame's book: Going Rouge: A Marxist Presidency. I was able to chat with him today while the campaigner-in-chief was trying to push for the Olympics to be in Chicago in 2016. Hey, I don't care if the Olympics are in Chicago or not, but I have a feeling that President Obama will win the silver medal in 2012.

I wish I could give you all just an excerpt of the book, but Madame has the draft password-locked on my hard drive, so I can't access it. Let me tell you though; I read it while she was working on it. It is fantastic! Is it a best seller? You betcha!


thirtynine said...

I am so excited I can hardly wait to read this wonderful book. You're so lucky to have read it as she typed it!

ladydawnelle said...

Whitney (LOTUS) are you just joshing or did you really get to read it?

That is so cool if true.