Friday, September 25, 2009

The Facebook Army Grows!

My screen beamed with pride today as a I surfed on over to Madame's Facebook page to discover that she had surpassed 900,000 followers! That number is more than Tiny Fea, David Letterboy, Chris "Tingles" Matthews, John McAnonymous, and Joyless Behar combined! Hmm.... I'm bad with remembering names, and I might have suffered some typographic dyselexia in that last sentence. So, please excuse any errors. Poor Peggy Noname doesn't even have a Facebook page for her supporters.

Oh, the memories we have had with our 67 Facebook notes so far. We've posted about budget decisions, "stimulus" funding, cap and tax, and condolences for those who have passed away among other things. Our posts on health care, specifically "death panels", have had the greatest impact.

Credit to Seth Adam Smith at C4P

This "death panels" post alone caused the Great Opologizer to call out Madame, the Private Citizen (at the present), in his speech to a joint session of Congress. You lie, Mr. President! Madame has been known to call out the media for not reporting the facts and for making things up. So, Madame decided to put her journalism degree to use and utilize the new media--Web 2.0. After all, she has a big online footprint! Madame knew that the mainstream media (or the Barack Obama media) would not properly report her message, so as she's said before, "get out of the way, I'll do it".

After all, Madame is a Facebook phenom!


LoveThatGirl said...

Madame is the Leader of the United States of America.
She was born to lead and she doesn't need a title to do it.

ladydawnelle said...

Excellent point Lovethatgirl!

And Whitney I love your site! I'm sure Sarah does too!

Bill in Baltimore said...

Peggy Noname - good one !

BlackBerry Bill

Anonymous said...

Cool right?? Take that Peggy Noname! In yo face!