Wednesday, March 31, 2010

President Obama Dithers on Drilling!

We went a bit rogue today and wrote a piece for the National Review Online instead of on Facebook. I love it when we mix it up a bit! It means I get to use a different font!

The Great Opologizer stated today that he was going to expand off-shore drilling. Of course, he is choosing to not drill in parts of Alaska. Hmm...

You know that wasn't going to sit well with Madame. Energy independence is like her 6th child! She went to work highlighting the softy southpaws tactics of trying to garner support for cap and tax due to this decision. However, for the Great Opologizer, his tactics weren't "drill, baby, drill" but "stall, baby, stall"! Stall, baby, stall is a lot like his war strategy--ditherer-in-chief!

Madame also spent some time highlighting her record, which is always awesome. Also, she reminded us that this is about jobs. Less drilling, fewer jobs!

Madame also said that she was going to speak about this next week in New Orleans! Yes, we cajun!

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anniecollier said...

More trickery from the Great Opologizer. No one is fooled, even if he is one.