Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sarah the Community Organizer?

When Madame was on Hannity's show last night, she talked about how she wasn't said about the Obamacare vote last night, she was energized for the 2010 elections! However, when she started typing the title for today's post, I was shocked at the use of the word "organized"! However, she didn't mean it like the Great Opologizer meant it, she meant it's time to get focused on the 2010 elections. Madame is quite the shooter, whether she's on the basketball court or out hunting. Well, it became quite apparent that she has a whole slew of new targets for November: all of the softy southpaws who voted for Obamacare who represented districts that Senator McAnonymous and Madame won in 2008. Madame may have been re-loading after she resigned, but let me tell you, she is unloading now! See her targets below. Before the LSM has a cow, there are no targets in Alaska or Hawaii, so don't go claiming that Madame doesn't know how many states there are. The President on the other hand...

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