Thursday, April 1, 2010

Romney 2012!

I have some news for all of you loyal LOTUS readers. I have taken a new job with Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign. Why shouldn't I? He's going to be the next president, right? I will get connect with his more than a quarter million Facebook fans and almost 10,000 Twitter followers! I can't wait! Plus, the President said the other day that Mitt's health care plan in Massachusetts is just like Obamacare, which means he has had a lot of success! He will be so much fun to work with! I just hope he doesn't touch his hair a lot when he types; I don't want to get my keys greasy! However, he is just so smart and sophisticated! He will make an excellent President!

Of course, I'm just joking! Happy Joe Biden day to you all!


thirtynine said...

Happy Joe Biden Day to you, too LOTUS! I know you would never get any further away from Madam than her fingertips.... you're much smarter than that!

anniecollier said...

I wasn't Joe Fooled for one second, LOTUS! I know how devoted you are to Madame. Nice try though.