Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stand with Our Allies, not Sit with our Enemies!

OK, BOTUS and I are ready for some serious hibernation after today, especially BOTUS. She was busy tweeting trying to rally the troops, you all, about the craziness surrounding the health care reform bill. I even got to be in on the action, with one Tweet and posting a link on Facebook.

Madame was able to multitask today. In addition to addressing the health care bill, Madame decided to call out the Great Opologizer on his recent missteps with Israel. We went a bit rogue with this statement by first releasing it to the MSM prior to posting it on Facebook.

The first paragraph was Thatcheresque: "I seem to smell the stench of appeasement in the air". Madame indeed sensed such a stench. That is why she called the President out on his handling of some of our enemies. She spent the last few paragraphs highlighting Obama's missteps on our ally, Israel, specifically. Madame called for the President to hit the reset button on Israel. Believe me, us electronics know all about reset buttons; they change everything!

So perhaps Madame is establishing her very own foreign policy doctrine: stand with our allies, not sit with our enemies!

As a side note, a very talented lady has created an excellent photo edit representing Governor Palin's call on Sunday to Kill the Bill (complete with nightstick).

Not authorized by SarahPac or Governor Palin.

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