Sunday, March 14, 2010

Will Spine Stiffening Be Covered under Obamacare?

Things are getting quite serious, so Madame and I went to work on a Facebook post to call for Americans to ask Congress to kill the bill! That's right, folks, kill the bill! The softy southpaws seem to think that the bill should kill the babies though, as the bill stands now to cover abortions. Not only that, they want to use, as Madame would say, a "back@$$word" way to get this bill through. This is known as the Slaughter rule, which is an apt name for it, as that is what they want to do to the Constitution.

Madame also posted a link, which I always love, to a petition to kill the bill. This petition was initiated by Madame's P.I.C., Michele Bachmann. Also, you can use your very own LOTUS, BOTUS, or DOTUS (desktop) to e-mail your Congressional "leaders" to tell them what you really think about the bill.

To answer the questioned posed in the title, no! So stiffen your spine now, and contact your representatives!

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