Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Put Sanctions on Imanutjob!

With the unfortunate passage of Obamacare last week, Madame's decided to shift gears this week by focusing on endorsements, holidays, and today, foreign policy!

For those softy southpaws who want to claim that Madame is inciting violence, take a look at this post. Madame is calling for peace, but perhaps much like the Great Communicator, she is calling for peace through strength. In this case, strength means tough sanctions on the Iranian leader, Imanutjob, who is still engaging in nuclear development.

Madame, who truly understand the importance of our ally, Israel, has also called for the Great Opologizer to not concede to the Palestinians while ignoring the Israelis, but instead to stand with our ally. She also calls all of us to pray! What?! The softy southpaws won't like that!

The Palin doctrine is on full display again: stand with our allies; don't sit with our enemies.

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