Monday, March 8, 2010

Sarah's Socialist Sandwich

I've just returned from the bowels of the internet, and I'm feeling quite icky! I need to do a virus scan STAT! Apparently, the HuffPo has been running a story about Madame's speech in Canada on Saturday (click on the link at your own risk). They claim that since the Heaths went to Canada so that Madame's brother could receive treatment for a burn, that must mean that Madame supports socialized medicine. The LSM has really lost it now. In summary, Madame is smart, but she didn't have political opinions on health care policy when she was a young child. Also, her brother couldn't have received socialized health care because it didn't exist at that time in Canada, and when it did exist, it was only available to residents. Geesh!

However, I must say that I could very easily write a piece for the HuffPo using a JPEG of a cute, young Sarah eating a sandwich that I have saved on my hard drive . I don't want to give the crazies any ideas, but I think I'd like to pose as a HuffPo "journalist" for a moment:

Apparently, not only did the Heath family utilize universal health care from Canada, they also received government rationed food from the USSR. As you can see in the picture below, a young Sarah Heath is eating a sandwich. But that's not just any sandwich. That bread came from the USSR. Since you can see the USSR from anywhere in Alaska, it must take no time to travel there. So, the Heath family, rather than go to the store or bake their own bread, went to the USSR to stand in line for hours and hours to get their government rationed loaf of bread all so little Sarah could eat this sandwich.

Wow. I feel so dirty stooping so low and lying so much. Shame on me for even pretending.


anniecollier said...

LOTUS, We know it was only a joke. There's no way in the world you would be able to stoop so low as to actually do a dirty deed for Huff&Puff. Better run your disk utility to clean up any files that may have become...corrupted, shall we say...from contact with the shady characters over there.

Be careful, it's a jungle out there.

Lipstick said...

Where did you get that sandwich pic? LOL!

I finally figured out how to get a google account!!