Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is America about to Get Oui-ouied up?

Madame appeared on Hannity and Uncle Glenn's show over the past few days. She, of course, did a magnificent job talking about the shadiness of Pukelosi and the unconstitutionality that our Congressional leaders are engaging in, including the Slaughter (the Constitution) rule that was invoked today. Madame was not her usual happy warrior self, however; though she remains steady in hopeful. Sadly, it seems that perhaps we may become more like the French speaking countries of Canada or France where our health care systems including long waits, rationing, etc.. Perhaps, America is about to get oui-ouied up. This is not good!

As an editorial note from the LOTUS blogger, please take some time to pray for our country. It seems as if our Congressional leaders are straying from the blueprint of our nation--the Constitution. While it should not take such drastic measures as we may potentially be facing to turn to God, we never the less should petition God that He would strengthen us and that He would give our leaders wisdom.

Also, we can continue to be vigilant on a different plan. Check out the the following links to contact Congress and make your voice be heard:


hrh said...

Haven't commented in a while, so I wanted to say how much I love your banner. Great job!

Whitney The Pipsqueak said...

Thanks, HRH! :) All the credit for the banner goes to the great and talented Karen Allen! :)