Thursday, March 25, 2010

Attack of the Arctic "Cross Hare"

An Arctic "Cross Hare"

Well, the LSM and softy southpaws is all up in arms (pun intended) about Madame's Facebook post from yesterday where she put crosshairs on Congressional districts that she was targeting for conservatives to win back from Softy Southpaws who voted for Obamacare. These people are getting wee-weed up for no reason. She was simply saying that she was aiming, completely non-violently, at districts to help conservatives take back Congress. However, they claimed she was inciting violence. I've dug up a JPEG for your consideration as to whether or not they are inciting violence:

The President is shooting a basketball.
Is he inciting violence?

Also, Mittens Pomade's book made the top of the best sellers' list. However, if you check out the link, you can see that his book title has a dagger next to it because he sold his book in bulk; Madame didn't need to do this to make her book reach number one. Was Mittens inciting violence because of the daggers?

I don't get what's up with the LSM. Madame would never incite or condone violence, as you can see on her appearance on Uncle Glenn's show last week. Madame said violence is not the answer, voting is. Gee, and what was she asking people to do when targeting these districts? Vote!


SteveBayrd said...

Once again, Whitney... you are a Corker! Your creativity knows no bounds. THANKS! Now... getting ready to drive to Searchlight on Friday with my "President Palin" sign and Betsy Ross stars and stripes!

brad essex said...

I'm a straight shooter does that mean i'm inciting violence?

Whitney The Pipsqueak said...

Steve and Brad,

Thanks for your comments.

Steve--Have a great time at the Searchlight event! That's so exciting!

Meadow said...

Perhaps the "Arctic Cross Hare" is the true Easter Bunny?

The LSM just mess their jammies every time our Sarah speaks or writes.

Perhaps she will be the medication Obamacare will pay for?