Friday, March 5, 2010

Stand Up for Monochromatic Sea Mammals!

Madame and I posted another "Face-Palm" today to support the Navy Seals who are supporting us and who have been improperly brought to trial as well as call out the Great Opologizer on other dumb decisions. She is ever the commandress-in-chief. Poor Tingles Matthews is probably all wee-weed up at Madame's "monochromaticness". Why support only one color of seals? VP Biden probably wants to know why she support seals when she shoots wolves from a helicopter? The Softy Southpaws are so confused and so wrong.

I think it can best be summarized in this way:

Madame: Stand Up for Our Navy Seals who Stand Up for Us.

Pukelosi: Stand Up and Act Like a Seal:

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thirtynine said...

LOTUS, you are so good! A perfect-fit video!