Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Violation by the Popcorn Jerk

Do you all remember back in the day when the silly Tennessee boy, David Kernell, hacked into Madame's e-mail account during the VP campaign?

Well, the trial began yesterday, and man, is this bringing back scary flashbacks of the violation to both BOTUS and myself.

Unfortunately, Bristol has been called into to testify since the Popcorn Jerk got ahold of her telephone number. His thoughts on Bristol, " Not my type". That's right, too good for a jerk like you.

We'll see what happen, but I hope the Popcorn Jerk is brought to justice.


thirtynine said...

I hope so too. Nobody has the right to do that - even AND ESPECIALLY the son of an elected official!

brad essex said...

He'll be going to the jailhouse now to be somebody boyfriend.