Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonder Woman/ She-ra Princess of Power Rally

Madame spoke at a rally for the other pea in the kick butt conservative woman pod, Michele Bachmann. Let me tell you, as I was backstage, if you could have harnessed the energy from the 11,000 people at that venue, then America would be completely energy independent! Oh, and it cannot be forgotten that the Minnesota Mullet was there too! Decent guy.

Madame Speaker Michele spoke of smaller, constitutional government and defeating the softy southpaws' agenda. Then, she shared a story about military chaplains that brought a tear to my screen.

Madame, herself, was awesome as usual. It's amazing to see her campaign on behalf of someone whose principles she is fully behind. She spoke of how Madame Speaker Michele has been fighting against Pukelosi's liberalism and how, as a mother of five and a foster mom of 23, Madame Speaker Michele looks at things with a unique perspective.

These two ladies are awesome. That's right, Senator Benedict Arlen, they are ladies. They are the superheroines of the conservative movement. I just can't decide who is Wonder Woman and who is She-ra Princess of Power. Hmmm....

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