Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The LSM Have Become Straw Graspers!

Well, the LSM is at it again. This time they are up in arms over some of Madame's requests for when she speaks. For one, when we go on a speaking engagement, Madame asks for bendable straws and water bottles! Oh the horrors! I always knew the media grasped at straws when it came to the bosswoman, but now they're doing it literally!

Also, they have become wee-weed up over the fact that when we travel first class or we would like a private jet. Hey, sometimes I need the extra room! I think the LSM is actually more surprised that she doesn't travel on a broom complete with a pointed hat or via a helicopter toting a gun to shoot unsuspecting wolves.

Another day, another nontroversy. Sigh.

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