Monday, April 12, 2010

Sarah's Sarcasm

I was scanning the LSM websites today, and lo and behold, the Washington Compost, as that Great American, Mark Levin calls it, has a whole article dedicated to criticizing Madame's sarcasm! What?! In addition to Madame's effective criticism of the Opologizer's administration, her sarcasm is my favorite part of our work. The "author" says:

Sarcasm rarely plays well in politics -- particularly among the independent voters who typically decide elections. It's why naturally sarcastic pols -- President Obama among them -- largely avoid any wise-cracking in public.

Palin seems to be pursuing a different path -- growing more rather than less sarcastic the longer she spends on the national stage. (Remember that Palin's first ever major speech -- at the 2008 Republican National Convention -- showed glimpses of a sarcastic Palin but by and large was a study in earnestness.)

Palin's sarcasm strategy will almost certainly affirm to some within the party's base that she is their most able combatant against Obama. But, for others -- Republicans and independents alike -- it's likely to sow some doubts about whether she is up to the task of governing if she is elected to the nation's top office.


For Palin to move beyond her comfort zone of Republican base politics and into ground as a serious candidate for president in 2012, she will almost certainly have to significantly scale down the sarcasm in her speeches.

Yes, Madame often is sarcastic in her speeches and elsewhere. However, she is often quite serious and pointed when she contributes on Fox, and she balances her sarcasm with substance quite well in her speeches and well as our Facebook posts! This is one area where Madame is not conservative, but moderate-- in her use of sarcasm. However, this author doesn't always seem to get it. Back in the day, before Madame was John McCain's VP pick, Cillizza interviewed Madame. I don't think she expected McAnonymous to pick her at the time, but Cillizza made a mistake when he dissed Alaska, check out Madame's expression at the 2:30ish mark of the video linked here.

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manajordan said...

Chris' article is certainly one of the most insightful articles I've ever read concerning sarcastic politicians. Oh wait. . .
This is another in a long line of everybody else except Palin isms. Any other politician can speak their mind and do it in a humorous way, except Sarah Palin. Please.
Good write up Whit, I mean LOTUS :)