Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sarah as Samantha Adams!

The First Dude, Madame and I were in Boston for the Tea Party, going back to the roots of the "movement" in 1773. Madame was transformed into Samantha Adams! There was no dumping of tea in the harbor, or as the Bostonians, say it, harba, but Madame hit on the issues. Constitutional government. Smaller government. Energy independence. American exceptionalism. She was optimistic as always.

The LSM and RINOish pundits I see spouting around youtube, the blogs, and the news sites as I go surfing all claim that Madame has no ideas or policies, but Madame is focused on 2010 right now. Unless we have the right guys and gals in DC, good policy cannot be implemented.

BOTUS and Madame offered their thoughts.

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