Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Whine Convention in Vegas

Madame spoke at the Wine and Spirits Convention in Vegas today today. Apparently, a guy tweeting from there thought that Madame spoke too much about Obama. Well, it makes sense. After all, it was a w(h)ine convention!

BOTUS was thoughtful enough to help share a tweet about the miners killed in West Virginia.

We are in Minnesota Wednesday to campaign for Madame's P.I.C, Michele Bachmann. It should be good fun, but it might be messy. The thought of this event is enough to make softy southpaws' heads explode all across the country!

I hope you all have sufficient bandwidth because you can catch the event live here.

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anniecollier said...

I looked at Michele's site...which says, stating the obvious..."standing up for Minnesota". Well, duh (sorry for the snark). If not for Madame and Michele, they'd have to depend on Alfranken and we see how well that's going.