Monday, April 26, 2010

An Update from a Slacking LOTUS

I've gotten lazy, haven't I? BOTUS and I have posted a few things lately, and I've slacked about reporting. Shame on me. Let's see. Well, on Friday we posted our support for Franklin Graham when the Opologizer administration dis-invited him from speaking at the National Day of Prayer. Hmm, I wonder if Obama "opologized" to Graham when he met with him this past weekend.

BOTUS has been busy with her pithy, yet caring condolences for those involved in the oil rig fire, witty smackdowns of the media regarding corruption in Goldman Sachs, and giving a shoutout to Michael Steele.

Today we posted another endorsement--a special one. This one was for Tim Burns who is running in a special election for a Congressional seat in Pennsylvania. Madame is supportive of the fact that he started his own business, and he's a "hockey dad". What's the difference between a hockey dad and a pit bull? Umm...well, you know what I mean. He's a businessman, not a bureaucrat. It'd be nice to have someone in government who has had a real job before.

Oh, I was surfing around Facebook last night, and I found a picture from a baseball game that Madame attended (without me!!!). Check it out. It's Madame and perhaps her future Homeland Security secretary, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

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anniecollier said...

Woweeee! Thanks for the picture of Madame and the Gov of AZ. She is another hero of mine...after Madame of course and Michele Bachman. Looking into my crysal ball, I can see very clearly an administration with Madame at the helm, Madame Bachman as her back-up and Jan Brewer as her pit-bull protector of security. How many other women can we find to serve with them?