Saturday, May 15, 2010

If Research Is Your Friend, the Media Must Be Lonely.

As can be predicted, Madame speaks about pro-life candidates and 2nd amendment rights yesterday, and the media gets wee-weed up and begins to misrepresent things...again. So, we had to call them out again. The media misrepresented Madame's words about the Obama administration's views of gun control...and she wasn't talking about FLOTUS's arms! Also, the media was wrong on Obamacare's funding of abortion and the Catholic church's supposed approval of Obamacare.

BOTUS weighed in on this issue too, and Madame even used an emoticon on this one! :)

Ever the supporter of the military, Madame tweeted a happy Armed Services day to those who are serving or have served.

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Bill589 said...

Making stuff up doesn’t require much research.
Just a little imagination, and no morals.