Friday, May 14, 2010

Guns, Babies, and an Endorsement, All in a Day's Work!

OK, so I may have the capability of being either battery or AC powered, but I have nowhere near the energy that Madame does! She gave three speeches today and an interview to Greta! One of the speeches was to a pro-life women's group and another was to the NRA. The softy southpaws' heads must have been exploding everywhere. I have copied and pasted the embedded code for her speeches, and that was enough to make me tired.

Susan B. Anthony event:

National Rifle Association event:

Nikki Haley rally:

We also posted a note about the endorsement of Nikki Haley too. You know, as if Madame, didn't have enough going on that day.


anniecollier said...

Goodness, LOTUS! I see what you mean about Madame's high octane energy. I'm exhausted just imagining all her stops today. I did see her on Greta...wonderful to hear her common sense answers to today's pressing problems...especially about the oil spill! Life happens and we have to learn from the mistakes and keep going. Wanting to keep us dependent, I imagine the OPEC guys will not be voting for Madame.

brad essex said...

Well i got a name for megyn kelly it's judge kelly and greta is the cheese queen or ms. packerbacker