Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sarah: Chair of the "Hell No" wing of the GOP

In spite of the McCreeper living next door, we still had the chance to do some political posting. This time, we did some more GOP promoting. Even though the GOP establishment doesn't often even give Madame the time of day, she is more than willing to promote their initiatives, if they are good! Madame tends to tell it like it is more so than other GOPers. It just goes to show you that while Michael Steele may be the chair of the "please, don't" wing of the GOP, Madame is the chair of the "hell no" wing of the Republican party. My apologies for my potty text.


Bill589 said...

Apology accepted. I wouldn’t be surprised if Todd ends up washing McCreepers mouth out with Lake Lucille. He could easily do it; I give him a lot of credit for restraint.

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