Monday, May 24, 2010

Smackdown of a Blogger and Gibbsy!

We had a double nightstick posting day today! First, Madame posted about her continued support for Nikki Haley whom she endorsed for SC. Some crazy blogger is claiming an affair with Nikki. Madame knows all about rumors from bloggers. She even mentioned of the false ones the crazies brought out about her--divorce, moves to the Hamptons or Montana. I'm kind of disappointed that she didn't mention the rumor that she left Todd for Bigfoot!

Then, as stupidity would have it, Gibbsy made a comment yesterday that Madame needed to learn about the oil industry when she criticized the Great Opologizer's ties to British Petroleum on FoxNews Sunday. We even tweeted about it! Geez! That's like someone saying Albert Pujols needs to learn how to hit or Michael Jordan needs to learn how to dunk. So, Madame went to work calling out the administration on their poor response to the oil spill and how Alaskans would handle the spill. Madame would know!

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