Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarah's Book O' "F" Bombs!

Now that the LSM has gotten word of it, I can now tell you about Madame's newest book: America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag that will be released in November! Yep, Madame drops the "F" bomb three times in the title, not the "F' bomb of the VP Hair Plugs variety, but family, faith, and flag?! For the softy southpaws, those are almost curse words! Madame will be compiling writings from the Founders, speeches, sermons, songs, etc. Good stuff! Madame doesn't know it, but I'm writing a special inscription for Katie "the Perky One" Couric:
Dear Perky One,

Remember when you were condescending and dumb and asked me what did I read, and I answered, "all of them"? Read this book. This is what I meant!

Best regards,

Do you think Madame will go for that?

1 comment:

Bill589 said...

No. She’s not sadistic like us.

The funny thing is, it is Couric actually becoming the “irrelevant” one.

Maybe Sarah should wait until after she’ s President, but I’d like her to send thank you notes to her haters in the media that helped her grow to have national influence. Without their help, she might have stayed a great governor in Alaska. I think they’d be peeling Doberman’s head off the set.