Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sarah, Build the Danged Fence..Around Your House!

I thought we were done posting for today, and I would get to relax in Wasilla. But, we just found out we have a neighbor--a crazy, creepy journalist neighbor. Madame had to call him out. She was nice and charitable--even offering to make him some blueberry pie. First Dude deserves the medal for courageous restraint after this news! We even posted a JPEG of the creep! Geez! Perhaps this is a sign that we need to move to the White House....now!! At the very least, I implore Madame to build the danged fence...around the house!


brad essex said...

i'll build the fence for them. I'll even babysit if they want me too.

annfairbank said...

Build it high, Madame. If I had an address, I'd send him a get well card. He's sick and sad.