Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sarah and the Border Ladies

We've been in the desert Southwest the past few days. Madame appeared with her future Homeland Security Secretary, Jan Brewer on a project to secure the border!

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Madame and I also put this same message on Facebook today. She told the Great Opologizer to do his job and read the Arizona bill! It's only 10 pages! It could very quickly be uploaded to TOTUS!

We also made a trip to New Mexico as Madame endorsed Susana Martinez for New Mexico governor! This is just Madame's way of helping to secure the borders--supporting governors who will do the job the president won't do! We posted a note on this today too!

Whew! Madame has been everywhere this weekend! She's making me want to go into hibernation mode, but she has more energy than me!

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