Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Palin Precept: Type quietly, but speak volumes

Madame and I have done quite a bit of work since she stepped away from the Governor's desk. We've written a whole slew of Facebook notes over the past month or so. Oh boy, have they had a huge impact: altering a Senate health care reform bill, encouraging millions to watch Glenn Beck giving him sky high ratings, and causing the Great Opologizer to get all wee-weed up.

It's amazing to me how much 11 letters (or two words) and a pair of quotation marks have altered the health care reform discussion. I haven't done a word or character count check on our Word document for Madame's book recently, but it will be very interesting to see just what kind of an impact her book will be when it comes out next Spring. I'll betcha that with thousands of words and hundreds of pages, it'll speak volumes! I have a feeling that when it comes out, the Great Opologizer's response may be very much like this:

Now, Madame likes to post her Facebook notes pretty late, so I imagine that this is the response from the Great Opologizer every time she submits a post:

Credit to Seth Adam Smith at C4P

Teddy Roosevelt once said, "speak softly and carry a big stick". Some people refer to this as "Big Stick Diplomacy".

Well, Madame and I say, "Type quietly, but speak volumes". We call it the Palin Precept.


Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

LOTUS, you are very wise!:)

Linda Z said...

LOTUS,dear LOTUS, we wait with you for the next type, type, type, send! Use this end of summer wisely - run a virus scan, clean up your hard drive, update your drivers - all those boring housekeeping chores! September is near and when you know who turns on the power switch she will stretch her fingers and let the words fly!! We don't want her to experience any glitches!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up with the book-writing LOTUS! I have a feeling you're really busy ;) Don't work too hard, get a power-down nap every now and then.