Friday, August 28, 2009

O Happy Day!

Credit to Anne from C4P for making this video.

I have so much posted on my Outlook calendar for today!

First, my favorite website declared today Sarah Palin Day, as today marks the anniversary of Madame being introduced as John McAnonymous's running mate in the 2008 Presidential election! I must clarify, I call Senator McCain, John McAnonymous. Madame is a lot more gracious than I am. She calls him Senator. When I was out on the campaign trail with Madame, there were all of these people working for the Senator who seemed to want to be referred to as "Anonymous". I don't know how the Senator kept track of them all. Did he number them? But, I digress. I was backstage when Madame gave her speech in Ohio. I was a bit jetlagged--that four hour time difference always seems to get to me--but it was a great speech. I shouldn't be surprised though; I've gotten to be the first one to read most of her speeches as she types them up, but it isn't quite the same as hearing them from her! Here is John McAnonymous introducing Madame and Madame introducing herself to America

Second, it is Madame's and First Dude 45's 21st anniversary today! I have been worried all week about what to get them for their anniversary. Thankfully, Madame had bookmarked Ebay from when she put the state jet on there while she was governor. I began processing some ideas: his and her snow machines, his and her fishing waders. No, those were all too expensive. Madame and First Dude are very frugal, so I thought that I should probably be frugal with the gift that I get for them. I decided to team up with the BOTUSes, and we went in on a gift together--his and her cell phone ringtones! We put "Hail to the Chief" on the First Dude's phone so that whenever Madame calls, that song plays. Hmm, I wonder if Madame becomes president some day if they will have to change the name of that song to "Hail to the Chiefess"? Then, we put "I Just Call You Mine" by Martina McBride on Madame's phone for when the First Dude.

Credit to Uffda at C4P.

The third thing on my Outlook calendar is John McAnonymous's birthday! I must not forget him. He presented Madame to the world, and he is an American hero. Happy 73rd birthday, Senator!

Whew! This day is going to make me want to go into hibernation mode for a while. There is so much going on! Happy Sarah Palin Day or what I like to call the "Re-birth of Conservatism" Day! Happy Anniversary, First Dude and Madame! Happy birthday, Senator McAnonymous!


Meadow said...

A day in history, to be sure!

Nifty post, LOTUS :) I envy you all your adventures!

Anne said...

Thanks so much for posting my video and for the shout out, Whitney! I'm glad you liked it :)

Happy Sarah Palin day! I hope we get to hear from her in some form .. that would make this day even better!

Kelly said...
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debbdi said...


Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

Awesome videos!
Some of my favorite pictures of Governor Palin are when she has her head back laughing. Love it!
Thanks, LOTUS!