Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Week in the Life of LOTUS

I may have to fire my "press secretary"!! She was without internet for a week and did not give fair warning! I haven't been able to blog for over a week! Geez! So, here's the lowdown on Madame's work over the past week.

She endorsed another Mama grizzly in Arkansas! She endorsed a gubernatorial candidate in Iowa. Hmm, Iowa is an early 2012 primary state.

She wished Coach Wooden a speedy recovery, although he later would pass. It was a nice post from the Point Guard-in-chief!

Ever the commandress-in-chief, she also remembered D-day.

She also took the President down a peg on BP! Not only that, she called out the media on their poor job of covering the oil spill. The Great Opologizer may be great at apologizing, but he's definitely not great at executive action.

Oh, and BOTUS kicked it into high gear over the past week. Check it out! She even did some replies!

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Madame Defarge said...

Glad to know what happened, LOTUS. I wanted to let you know that I kicked some serious A** at an art event last week when I overheard some old Commie Hippies trashing Madame's good name. They were using all the usual slanders (she shoots wolves from planes, a coward, etc.) I told the people around them that they didn't know anything about Sarah; they were perpetuating a big fat lie and told them to shut up until they knew what they were talking about. We have to let them know we won't stand for it this time around. They're not dealing with the McCain campaign anymore.